About Faculty

The history of our Faculty has commenced in early days of the Academy of Mining (the historical name of our University) when three chairs were established at the Faculty of Mining – at that time the only faculty of the Academy. These were: the Chair of Mineralogy and Petrography, the Chair of Geology and the Chair of Applied Geology. After World War II, in 1946, these three chairs were included into the newly organized Faculty of Geology and Surveying, then transformed into the Faculty of Geology (in the academic year 1951/52) and to the Faculty of Geology and Geological Exploration (since the academic year 1952/53). In the following years, our Faculty has expanded and several new chairs/departments have been organized. Since the academic year 1992/93, our Faculty has changed the name to the Faculty of Geology, Geophysics and Envrionment Protection.

Recently, our Faculty is the only natural science research unit at the AGH UST. However, our education program integrates knowledge from both the applied and basic (university-type) Earth sciences with the elements of various technical sciences and basic sciences, all leading to the engineer degree ragnted to our undergraduates and graduates. Hence, our alumni are well-prepared to take up duties and responsibilities in industrial plants, research units, educational institutions and state or local administration units.

We are proud that after a comprehensive evaluation of all study courses, the Presiding Board of the Polish Acreditation Committee issued the 2012.09.06 Resolution No. 287/2012, which granted the ”distingushed” grade to our Faculty.

As the largest Earth sciences faculty in the EU, our staff runs a full range of research projects in the fields of broadly understood geology and geophysics taking advantage of well-equipped laboratories. Moreover, our working groups carry out also the basic research, which results, at the moment, cannot be directly applied by the industry but which improve the knowledge and the understanding of the Earth. Many our staff members were the holders of the prestigious Fulbright, Humboldt and DAAD scholarships.